From an early age I always had a fascination for anything mechanical and even though my dad was a Shipwright by trade and served in the Navy for some years I never found the interest in playing with wood or boats! For some strange reason I actually liked metalwork and technical drawing at school, as well as art. So my attempts at metalwork were good enough to warrant a mechanical craft apprenticeship. They must have seen something, perhaps it was the scrap value!

Early Years of Engineering:

Over the years I worked in the space and defence sector gradually moving on and learning my trade as a toolmaker. Over time I have worked in process automation, small press tools, jigs and fixtures as a development engineer. This eventually lead me into the design office as this was the next logical step in my own personal development. I always thought the best designers would be those that have had 'hands on' experience therefore knew how to design something for manufacture. So from then on it was learn the skills of the drawing board, this was pre CAD people!

Automotive Background:

During the 90's I spent alot of time carrying our design work on safety restraining systems, automotive airbag assembly build and test cells. For my sins I have been responsible for many Rover passenger and driver's airbags including the 45 and 75, also the MG's, Freelander, Ford Transit, Toyota and thorax airbags for the BMW Mini range. I also did one of the first side airbag curtains for the then new Toyota Avensis.

The early 90's saw me working on leanburn engine technology and race engine development.

Process Automation & Robotics:

I have spent over 18 years in the design environment and has been reponsible for such projects as nuclear decommissioning and inspection robots.

Misc Stuff:

I have also crossed into other areas of engineering by accident, not all faired well! Spent some time designing upmarket yacht steering systems, chain and wire, rudder bearings, rudderstocks etc. Also worked in the food industry, product weighing hoppers, gantries and tray sealers, not my favourite job as this particular company had too many family members in wrong positions! Just what used car salesman know about engineering is beyond me! What else? ah yes, there was the 'oh I'll just take this as a temporary position' and lasted 5 years job! I was the sole design engineer working for a well known blinds and awnings manufacturer!

Motorsport Background:

In the early 90's I was involved in the motorsport sector carrying out research and development on race engines for both car and bike. During this time I did a small amount of work for one particular British Touring Car Team that proved successful in the 1993 season and specifically the British Grand Prix support race. Also during this time I carried out alot of R&D work on 750cc Superbikes developing a powershift system and forced air induction. The same forced air induction as was developeed for the BTCC, link here for details on the VECTIS system and how it came about. I'll warn you as there is some heavy reading involved!

As part of this position I was also responsible for some track testing of engines and management systems, datalogging etc. Rolling road sessions to test engines built etc.

Current Situation:

Quite happy at present working in the steel industry (here)and proud to say that all of our products are designed, manufactured, built and shipped around the globe from the UK. I'm currently the Engineering Project Manager where I am in control of all machine design, development (3D), manufacture, build and commissioning globally. Typical machine projects range from £90k up to £500k dependant upon specification. Travelled a fair bit in this position too, so can live out of a suitcase when the need arises!


Proficient in AutoCAD, started from release 10 and up to date.

Been using Autodesk Inventor since release 5 and currently on 2012, so not too bad on 3D design.

The usual Microsoft Office applications, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel and Project.


City & Guilds 200M, 205/1, 205/2 & 205/3 (Highbury Technical College) aprenticehsip served with Marconi Space & Defence Systems Ltd

EITB Modules H01 & H03 with Marconi Space & Defence Systems Ltd

Master of Science Degree in Engineering & Management (Portsmouth University)


Side airbag (thorax) folding machine, part two of a three cell assembly. If I remember rightly this was a Toyota one. Developed and designed by myself.

One of the first curtain airbag folding machines in production back in the mid 90's I believe. Designed and developed by my own fair hand! 

Nuclear inspection robot, I designed the overall package of this unit, but not the electronics that controlled it.

Pneumatically powered cutting package that bolted to the front of the robot, incorporated a retrieval arm on top.

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