Like most blokes I do like my motor racing, however I'm not much for watching and would rather participate! Back in the early to mid 80's I did try my hand at autotests and sprints but found this a bit boring and too short in duration. In 1989 I started grasstrack racing at a local club, not quite sure how I got into this, but it was fun! I soon moved to another club and continued for a few years more. I did not have much success as my early cars fell apart too often! My biggest problem was having too many choices and not sticking with the right car. I had a habit of building cars and getting bored with them and never actually sticking with them and developing them. Looking back I should have done more and know I could have. A couple of trophies sit in the garage collecting dust, so I do have some memories. I do aim to return one day and finish off what I started, I just hope I still have the enthusiasm.

One of my previous jobs was working on race engines carrying out research and development, building and testing. This lead to some sub-contract work for one particular BTCC team in the early 90's which was interesting. At the same time I was working on  750cc Superbikes again carrying out R&D, machining and building engines for a well known rider and team. One of the bikes I helped to build raced the Isle of Man TT, did never see it in action, shame. I was offered the chance to take it out on track...................I said no way! add a few more choice words in there and you'll get the picture, I know what it could do as I built it, there is no way I'm getting on that!

These days I tend to enjoy whatever track days I can fit in with my trusty MG ZS180. I'm no expert but I do enjoy myself, just wish I could afford to buy more trick bits................but I can't hide them from the wife! I do have a spare car sitting up the drive waiting for a suitable donor vehicle to turn up as I have plans.............converting a small French fwd car to rwd rear engine ;-)

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